Ticket System for your WordPress products

  • One time payment
  • Independent system
  • Connection to any type of licensing
  • Security of file transferring

How Ticketrilla works?

Build an easy and secure support system!

Make your support really comfortable with Ticketrilla!

Ticketrilla for you

  • Create unlimited agents and tickets
  • Control the use of licenses
  • Simple definition of “freeloaders” which use stolen tokens
  • Built-in licensing system
Your client gets support without leaving a website!

Ticketrilla for your client

  • Free plugin in official catalog of WordPress
  • One place for all your products to get a support
  • Simplicity and easy to use
  • Automatic search for products providing support with the help of Ticketrilla


  • Server plugin
  • Basic functionality
  • Standard license generator
  • Unlimited agents and clients


  • Server plugin
  • Basic functionality
  • Extended functionality:
  • - guest access to the client server
  • - infinite number of products on one server
  • - requesting information about the client's server and software
  • - customer newsletters
  • - Envato licenses
  • Standard license generator
  • Unlimited agents and clients
  • Technical support to 6 month

Ticketrilla features:

  • Less 5 minutes you need for installing
  • You don’t need to arrange a support site in the corporate style
  • Using addons to expand functionality
  • Support for third-side addons
  • Automatic control of license validity
  • Black and white lists for licenses and clients' servers
  • Isolated rights for users
  • Duplication of tickets on the client's server. The client can view the tickets even when the developer's server is disconnected


Very functional plugin. I did not even think that I could find something like that. I didn’t really like the idea of ​​creating a forum to support my products. Now I can provide help to my customers directly from WordPress. Thank You!
Great UI, nice performance and the helpdesk support ticket system is amazing.
Nicholas Colon
Great support solution!

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